Highland Strategies, LLC, provides strategic consulting services in public policy and government affairs, with an emphasis on helping businesses and government agencies find effective, balanced, and secure ways to use information to enhance security and public safety.  The firm supports clients in business development efforts and government relations in the arenas of law enforcement, public safety, homeland security, cyber security, and national security.

Meeting today’s public and private security needs requires developing efficient and secure technical solutions for accessing and sharing information from many public and private sources.  The greater challenge, however, often lies in finding solutions that policy-makers can adopt with the public, political, or market acceptance that comes when individual privacy interests are protected and fair information practices are followed.  Highland Strategies helps businesses and government agencies meet those challenges.

Frank A. S. Campbell, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, previously served as a Deputy Assistant Attorney General and Senior Counsel for Legal Policy at the United States Department of Justice during both the Clinton and Bush Administrations.  Frank also served as an Assistant General Counsel at the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).  

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