From the July 1, 2008, PR Newswire News Release - comments by leaders in the field of criminal justice information management on the launching by Frank Campbell of Highland Strategies, LLC:

"Thomas E. Bush, III, Assistant Director in Charge of the FBI's Criminal Justice information Services Division, praised Campbell as 'a foundation in the initiation and success of the NICS program and a sought-after resource for many other FBI programs.  Frank's expert policy and legal guidance on security, privacy, and dissemination of criminal history record information through the years has been invaluable to the FBI's Criminal Justice Information Services Division.  His exemplary work on The Attorney General's Report on Criminal History Background Checks will serve as a benchmark for future changes to federal law authorizing national background checks.'

Donna M. Uzzell, Compact Council Chair and Director of Criminal Justice Information Services for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, praised Campbell as 'a tireless advocate of balancing the need for access to criminal histories with the principles of privacy and individual rights.  The perspective Frank brought to Council deliberations was unique and valued.  He broadened our horizons.  As the primary author of The Attorney General's Report on Criminal History Background Checks, Frank created a comprehensive guide for future legislation in this important area of public policy,' stated Uzzell.

Ron Hawley, Executive Director of SEARCH, the National Consortium from Criminal Justice Information and Statistics, an organization with representatives from all 50 states, also praised Campbell's work on the Attorney General's report, stating 'No one has done a better job of putting in one place all the details and complexities of the national system for managing and sharing criminal justice information, explaining the interests of the various stakeholders in how that information is accessed and used, and crafting balanced policy recommendations that account for the competing interests involved with broader access to criminal history data for background checks.  Frank's work will serve for many years to come as a platform upon which decisions can be made about improving that record system and establishing clear and fair rules governing access to and use of the information.'"